A Woman’s Perspective on Nudism

My husband and I had been married for a few years when we stumbled onto a nude beach one day in Northern California. We looked at each other, grinnedwoman nudism and said “why not”. It felt a little awkward initially, having never been nude around others, but that feeling quickly went away. The feeling of freedom, acceptance and friendliness of everyone there was amazing. Seeing people of all shapes and sizes, playing frisbee and volleyball, splashing in the ocean, soaking up the sun and sitting around talking and laughing was enlightening and life changing.

woman perspective nudismAs a woman, I understand a first timer’s reluctance to get naked. Society’s labels and images of the perfect body are a little difficult to get past- but I assure you, in a nudist environment you will never feel more accepted for who you truly are. You will find that nudists are some of the most genuine, warm and friendly people you will ever encounter. Your body shape is not a priority to the people you will meet, and you will find that after a few minutes you forget that you are naked. Clothes are confining and swimsuits are soggy and uncomfortable. A naked day in the sun, floating in the pool or soaking up the warmth of the hot tub is an experience you will never forget. It truly is something you need to experience to understand. Come spend the day with us and see what you’ve been missing!