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Membership & Fees

Have you ever visited Glen Eden before?

If not, please be sure to check out our First-Time Visitors page.

There, you’ll find a free day pass for your first visit. It’s our special way of saying “thank you” for visiting our website, and welcoming you to our lovely paradise.

If you plan to return to Glen Eden, we welcome you back! Our fees are based upon whether or not you are a Glen Eden member, a member of AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation), or a member of an AANR affiliated club.

Glen Eden offers regular membership for singles and couples, as well as special introductory pricing, discounts for young adults, and commuters (those living more than 200 miles from Glen Eden).

Also be sure to check-out a Gold Seal Membership, which eliminates day fees, and includes gate pass(es), allowing you to simply drive-in and enjoy, without having to stop at the office.

After your third visit, becoming a member of Glen Eden is a prerequisite to returning.

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