Tennis at Glen Eden Sun Club is a highly organized program designed to allow participants to get the most out of their game by matching them withnude tennis similarly skilled players. Newcomers are welcome and, after being evaluated as to level of play, they are ranked and matched up with other players of the same level. In this way, the sport is a more enjoyable and competitive one which is enhancing to the skills of the players. The Glen Eden Sun Club Tennis Program offers a variety of ways to enjoy the sport: Snowbird/Sunbird, Ladder Match, Major Tournaments, and regularly scheduled Tennis Lessons. There are two major annual mixers as well that do not involve play but, rather, promote fun and camaraderie among the players. One is the barbecue picnic typically held in August (that involves a tournament as well beforehand as an option), and the other is the Tennis Social, which is the Annual Awards Banquet held in November in which players are recognized not only for the number of points they have accumulated throughout the year, but also for how much they have improved their game and for other special traits they may bring to the sport.

A tennis roster is available with the names of more than one hundred Glen Eden Sun Club players so you can arrange a match prior to arriving at Glen Eden Sun Club. An email address list is also maintained so that pertinent tennis information can be sent to those who are interested in receiving updates.

Below is a brief description of each major area of Tennis.

Snowbird/Sunbirdtennis nude
This sub-program is named depending on the season we are currently in. During the fall/winter months (October through April) we call it Snowbird Tennis, and during the late spring/summer months (May through September) we call it Sunbird Tennis.

Snowbird/Sunbird is a competitive tennis event where the relative skill levels of the player are matched with other players in a doubles, rotating partner format. Due to the competitive nature of Snowbird/Sunbird, beginning tennis players are not mixed with the higher skilled players. If a minimum of four beginning level players are present, then a separate tennis schedule is created to allow them to participate.

All players pay an entry fee of $1.00, and at the end of play individual scores (number of games won) are announced and prizes awarded to the winners. An individual who has already received a prize in the current month is not eligible to receive another prize, and the prize will be awarded to the next eligible player.

Snowbird/Sunbird tennis is on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:00am (signups 9:30-9:45am)

Ladder Tennisoutdoor nude tennis
Ladder Tennis is held every Thursday at 10:00am, and takes less than two hours. Sign up no later than 9:50am at Court 2. The only entry fee is a fresh can of tennis balls and 50 cents. If your tennis balls are not required, you pay the 50 cents. If your tennis balls are required, the three other players each give you 50 cents.Similar to the other tennis activities, the format of this fun game uses ongoing results to, as nearly as possible, place players of equal ability on the same court in order to optimize the enjoyment and skills of each player. (Remember, lessons are available as well if you wish to sharpen your skills–see below.) Each participant plays 24 advantage games over three rounds of eight games. Come on out and join us for this terrific way of enjoying a great game!

Tennis tournaments are held once a month on Saturday virtually every month of the year.

Players compete against similarly ranked players in friendly competition.

Entry fee is $5 and prizes are awarded to tournament winners.Play typically begins at around 9:00am, with signups from 8:00 until 8:30am.

For a complete, up-to-the-moment listing of tennis activities at Glen Eden Sun Club, as well as other activities at the club, please visit our Activities Calendar.

Tennis Lessons are held on non-tournament Saturdays at 2:00pm, free of charge. Group sessions are provided, as well as individual lessons. Learn from an experienced player; our knowledgeable instructors teach at any level from the novice to the experienced, and beginners are welcome. The lessons include drills and handy tips to sharpen your skills and advance your play.