A Message for Women

Why did we create a page just for women? Well, truth be told, women are usually more apprehensive about naturism than are men.female nudist AANR AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) even published an entire brochure specifically for women. Perhaps the article below will also help illustrate women’s issues as they relate to naturism. At the end of the article are links to three other articles on the same topic.
“The Magic of Glen Eden Sun Club” (written by a 40-year old woman)
Women can be comfortable at Glen Eden Nudist Resort. If someone had told me seven years ago that I would one day visit a nudist resort, I would have strongly recommended they undergo a psychiatric evaluation. But here I am, a member of Glen Eden Sun Club. Wow! Life is full of surprises, and you never know what great things can happen if you simply keep an open mind and let “the powers that be” lead you.

Many women don’t even feel comfortable standing naked in front of a mirror, let alone standing in front of their husband in that state. The last thing they would ever consider is going to a place where it is expected they would be “clothes-free” in front of virtual strangers. Why are women so self-critical, and why is there so much shame attached to the human body?

Perhaps it has something to do with the images we are constantly bombarded with virtually from the moment we are born: Barbi. Cosmo. The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. Television commercials. The Swimsuit Issue. Hooters. Major motion pictures. The Laker Girls. Bachelor parties. Magazine racks at the local grocery checkout stand. All of these “icons” of our local, and in some cases global, communities have one thing in common: they send a message that (a) a naked body can only lead to one thing; and (b) a woman’s core worth is based largely upon her looks. By the time I reached the age of 21, all the propaganda I had been fed led me to the conclusion that I simply didn’t measure up to being the woman America, and the world for that matter, obviously wanted me to be. I was the stereotypical “ugly duckling,” or at least I sure felt like one.

female nudistThen I discovered naturism. My husband suffered a mild stroke and all the doctors could do was prescribe medications to aid his body in preventing future occurrences. That’s when we began doing nude hikes together in the mountains. It was an incredible feeling to be in a natural state in the great outdoors. Nudism did more for my husband than the medical establishment ever could. We began hugging trees naked, feeling their power and strength on our bodies. As we slowly healed from the stresses of life, we discovered one problem: we were doing this in public and we were concerned about how people might react if they saw us. We got to talking about that bright green billboard we always saw on a hill above the 15 freeway, and decided to see just what this “Glen Eden” was all about. Needless to say, I was highly skeptical of a place in which people actually “exposed” themselves to each other. I was also concerned that the special bond my husband and I shared would somehow be minimized if we became social nudists. I would quickly come to realize that nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, trust is a major ingredient here. You need to be able to trust your partner, and you also need to be with a partner you can actually trust. (Otherwise, why have one?)

I called Glen Eden Sun Club and spoke with a woman who explained to me Glen Eden Sun Club’s operations. Based on that, we decided to give social naturism a try. Upon our first visit, I couldn’t believe how easy and natural it felt to be clothes-free among people who were also clothes-free and had the same basic philosophy we had: there is nothing “nasty” about the human body in its natural form.

With the tough standards of physical attractiveness set by the various media, yes, we women are a little hesitant to “bare it all.” But that’s what makes naturism so great. It is literally a world apart from an unforgiving society that sets virtually impossible standards. It also “evens the playing field,” so to speak. You see every part of the body of both men and women. And it’s beautiful. It instantly healed me from all of the propaganda I had been fed for so many years about how a woman is “supposed” to look. At a nudist resort, you see every body type imaginable and it’s all okay. The feeling of acceptance I have received from the experience of social naturism is unlike any other. People are so down-to-earth and friendly, probably because it’s tough to be haughty when you have no clothes on! This is a place where people from all walks of life come together, a place where truck drivers and doctors mingle together as if they were in the same social circle–because they are! That’s why it’s been said naturism is the great equalizer.

I suppose at this point I should explain why I did not attach my name to this article. Unfortunately, there is a certain level of prejudice against naturists existing in America. While naturism is more accepted in Europe, it is sometimes held in suspicion here. People sometimes don’t even tell their own families. It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it, that it is more acceptable in some social circles to talk about strip clubs than it is to talk about simply being natural in the great outdoors. Our society is repressed about nudity, yet preoccupied with sex. What many fail to realize is that nudity is an issue separate and apart from sex, when placed in the right context and environment such as Glen Eden Sun Club. Go to certain social environments these days and you will find that it is definitely the clothes that make things sexual.

There is a certain modesty and etiquette to being a naturist, believe it or not. There is a code of conduct that is actually stricter than you will find elsewhere, which is important to have because of the “clothes-free” factor. No overt sexual behavior is allowed and gawking is not tolerated, to name two examples. Glen Eden has a strict set of rules that each person signs upon their first visit, an ingredient necessary to nurturing a safe, comfortable environment that everyone, including singles, couples, and families, can enjoy.

Don’t let the brainwashing of society prevent you from enjoying the health and vitality you will surely experience when you embrace naturism. Glen Eden Sun Club has that and more. It is simply magical!

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