Nude resort etiquette is general good resort etiquette.  Glen Eden Sun Club celebrates the “Freedom to be Nude”. We encourage nudity throughout our 150-acre club. We invite you to relax and enjoy the many activities and facilities that Glen Eden has to offer.

At Glen Eden, we value practices that promote social nudism. We adhere to a few rules of nudist etiquette that help keep Glen Eden safe and pleasurable for our quests.

We promote family-oriented social nudism; we promote WHOLESOME AND NON-SEXUAL behavior.

Something To Sit On
Remember to always carry a towel with you. Nude resort etiquette calls for guests to sit on. Bringing your own towel is a great way to easily identify your seat.

Don’t Stare
Nude resort newbies may experience initial shock at the sight of many naked people. It’s fine to look. What is not OK, however, is to stare. You’ll quickly get the hang of it and find conversations with people are more important than how they look.

Bring a BAG
The obligatory towel, sunglasses, sun lotion, a cover-up, and anything else you’d walk around a clothed resort with is also essential at a nude resort. Even when wearing nothing, there’s still a lot you’ll need—including a BAG to carry it all in. If you are going to use the café, remember to put some money or a credit card in your bag as well.

Public Displays of Affection
While you may discover a newfound appreciation for nature and the freedom of a non-clothed lifestyle, you can’t let it get out of hand. Public displays of affection should be limited to holding hands or a quick hug.

Use of Cameras
The advent of cell phones with megapixel cameras has made protecting privacy at nudist gatherings slightly more difficult.  If you bring a phone, we ask you to cover the camera lens, we provide colored dots for this.