What is Nude Recreation?

nudist pool partyIf you prefer to relax, there is nothing more soothing than lying in the sun (or shade), and feeling the breeze on your naked skin.  Reading, listening to your favorite tunes or napping in the nude rejuvenates your mind, body and spirit.  Meeting and talking with new and old friends, sitting around a campfire, watching the stars, soaking in a hot spring or hot tub, watching the sun go down on the beach or the moon come up over the mountains and listening to the peaceful sounds of the night, are all more enjoyable without the restrictions of clothing.

nude recreation glen eden

Our most memorable vacations have been nude.  Hiking in the mountains and desert, going on nude cruises, snorkeling in Cancun, and camping with friends at many nudist resorts across the country have enriched our lives beyond measure.  Nude recreation is the most liberating experience no matter what you’re doing. There’s just something about being naked in the sun.