Spa and Pools

nudist poolsSwimming pools, one indoor and one outdoor, it’s a sure bet you’ll be taking a nice leisurely swim before long, if not soaking up the sun in one of our comfortable lounge chairs. In fact, many people spend the entire day at the pools (and the entire evening in the spa!).
The outdoor pool is one of the social hubs at Glen Eden Sun Club!

The Poolspool nude
The enormous outdoor swimming pool is located in the main recreation area, surrounded by a beautiful tropical atmosphere.

In no time, your thoughts and cares will melt away as you spend the day floating, socializing, and making new friends.

The outdoor pool is heated during the late spring, throughout summer, and during early autumn, while our indoor pool is heated year-round.

Water volleyball, played in the indoor pool, is a very popular activity at Glen Eden Sun Club, and a fun, easy sport to play.

See the Event Calendar for the water volleyball schedule.



The Spanude jacuzzi

If it’s relaxation you want, that’s exactly what you’ll get in our super-sized spa, complete with four separate jet zones you can control yourself with the easy twist of a knob.

As soon as you sit down, it will have you feeling as though you’ve been swept away by a sea of warmth enveloping your every muscle.

jacuzzi nudeThe spa is a wonderful place to make new friends, socialize, or relax alone.

The sliding doors located just beyond the spa lead to our well maintained showers provided for your convenience, as well as the restrooms and sauna.

Glen Eden Sun Club was brilliantly designed to place various amenities just a few steps away from wherever you are in the main recreation area.