No Shirt – No Racquet – NO PROBLEM!  Come on out and play TENNIS!

Tennis is one of the most popular activities at Glen Eden as we have a large group of players at all levels and six tennis courts, including two with state-of-the-art LED lights for nighttime play.  The tennis program includes tennis tournaments most months, mid-week Snowbird/Sunbird and Ladder Tennis play as well as a Weekend Challenge Court and a Tennis Clinic on most Saturdays (except when there is a tournament).  In July we host Nude Night At The Net which combines evening play with a BBQ mixer, and in November we round out the tennis year with the annual Tennis Social which includes dinner as well as awards and entertainment by some of our most talented members.

The tennis program is managed and run by the Tennis Committee, an enthusiastic group of volunteers.  The Committee maintains a tennis roster of players which groups players by their Glen Eden ranking (A, B or C) and includes contact information so you can arrange a match if you wish prior to arriving at the club.  The tennis court sign-up board is located adjacent to Court 1 and more information is posted on the back of the board.  We maintain a supply of loaner racquets as well as buckets of balls if you need them and there is a ball machine available for use during off-peak hours.  A word about nude tennis – while many of us love to play nude, we recognize the need for sun protection while on the courts so you will see some players clothed or partially clothed during play.


Tennis tournaments are held once a month on Saturday most months of the year.  Players compete against similarly ranked players in friendly competition including Singles, Mixed Doubles, Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles, as well as the annual Team Tennis event.

The entry fee is $5 which includes balls, prizes for the winners and snacks.

Play typically begins at 9:00am with signups from 8:00 until 8:30am.  The tournament calendar is posted on the back of the sign-up board, or visit the Glen Eden Activities Calendar on the website.


This program of mid-week tennis is named according to the season.  During the fall and winter months we welcome many “Snowbird” visitors to Glen Eden, hence Snowbird Tennis, while during the summer months we maintain this popular program and call it “Sunbird Tennis”.

Snowbird/Sunbird is a competitive tennis event where players are matched with other players of similar skill levels in a doubles, rotating partner format.

The entry fee is $1.00 and prizes are awarded to winners.

Snowbird/Sunbird tennis is on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Clinics – time to sharpen your tennis skills!

Group clinics are held on non-tournament Saturdays at 2:00pm, free of charge, on Court 4.  Clinics are run by experienced player volunteers and include stroke practice as well as drills to keep everyone on their toes.