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America’s Largest Member-Owned Nudist Resort & Club

Glen Eden is Southern California’s premier family oriented nudist resort and RV park. Sound expensive? It’s not, and first-time visitors save 50%! Think you could never be in a clothes-free state with others around? Think again, because that’s what most people say before they visit Glen Eden Sun Club. Then they fall in love with it. Glen Eden Sun Club is a family oriented resort with clear guidelines on acceptable behavior, and all members are screened upon their first visit.
Conduct such as overt sexual behavior and gawking are not tolerated. Our goal is to maintain our solid reputation by continuing to provide a comfortable, relaxed environment for people of ALL ages to enjoy.
So, if you REALLY want to escape from the rigors of your everyday routine, Glen Eden Sun Club is the place to be.


We look forward to welcoming you to our club!

womans perspective nudism

A Woman’s Perspective on Nudism

I have always loved the feeling of the breeze and warm sun on my body. I grew up on a farm in Iowa, and couldn’t wait for the first warm day of spring to find a sheltered area in the sun, throw down a blanket, strip off my clothes and read a book while listening to the sounds of nature all around me. I did this for years before I knew anything about nudism, nudists or nudist resorts. Read more…

first time nudist

First Timers

You made it! Just coming to our website represents your first step in being able to experience and enjoy social nudism.
Glen Eden is a community of like-minded people who enjoy running around without clothes. While members have many different interests, our passion for social nudism brings us together. There is definitely a place for you at Glen Eden.
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nude recreation

What is Nude Recreation?

Nude recreation encompasses a wide variety of activities. Anything you can do with clothes on is even better in the buff! Whatever you do to relax, socialize, exercise or create is even more enjoyable without the restrictions of clothing. If you love to be active you can run, walk, hike, swim, dance, practice Yoga, water aerobics or Zumba, play tennis, volleyball, pickleball, ping pong, throw horseshoes and garden in the nude.
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