About Us

Glen Eden Sun Club is a nonprofit 501(c)7 membership club founded in 1963 by Ray and Mildred Connett.glen eden about us Originally from Canada, Ray and Mildred were a married couple very active in the naturist movement in their native country. Soon after they migrated to the United States, they opened the doors of Glen Eden Sun Club. The Connetts passed away in 1997, but their dream lives on in the smiles of those who benefit from it today. From the moment you arrive, Glen Eden Sun Club begins working its magic, creating an exhilarating freedom while nurturing positive feelings of self worth. The relaxation you will certainly experience at Glen Eden Sun Club is the consequence not only of our outstanding amenities, but of accepting yourself and feeling accepted by others. By shedding your clothing, you will also shed the burden of images and find yourself relating to others more for who they are than for who their clothes say they are. Doctor or truck driver, it might be said that nudism is the great equalizer.

glen eden nudist resortEntertainment at Glen Eden Nudist Resort. In addition to rejuvenation and relaxation, Glen Eden Sun Club offers an unmatched entertainment schedule which includes a variety of shows, dances, and activities to suit virtually any interest. But the best thing about Glen Eden Sun Club is that you can participate in anything you want . . . or not. The key to a relaxing getaway: having no expectations placed upon you. That’s what you’ll find here.

To those who know Glen Eden Sun Club more intimately, namely its residents and 1,600 members, it is more than a retreat. Perhaps the best way to illustrate the deeper meaning behind Glen Eden Sun Club is to share a quote from the founder himself, Ray Connett:
“Here, in brief, is the story of a club that would not exist without the work and donations of countless MEMBERS, yes and visitors too. This is not the story of a one-man show. It is the story of a member’s club which we hope will someday stand as an example of generosity and selfless enthusiasm . . . That spirit of member co-operation and effort and enthusiasm is the secret of our success.”

The spirit of voluntarism, cooperation, and plain old love for this special place called Glen Eden Sun Club continues today. There is a paid staff which includes a General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Bookkeeper, and Maintenance, Office, Housekeeping, and Cafe staff. However, the Officers and Board of Directors remain volunteer positions. Many decisions are voted on by the Corporation at large, members who pay a one-time fee so they can play a greater role in the decision making process. Volunteers assist in many major club functions.

Glen Eden Sun Club is a shining example of what great things can happen with a little teamwork and cooperation. It is also one of the greatest escapes in the world.