Sun Singles

Being single in today’s world can be a challenge. Going it alone to a nudist resort can be a bit nerve racking as well. But at Glen Eden Sun Club,nude dating you will quickly learn that there is no reason to feel nervous or uncomfortable, especially when it comes to joining Sun Singles. These people are so nice and welcoming, it is virtually impossible to feel uneasy.

Sun Singles is a fun-loving group of Glen Eden Sun Club members who happen to be single, who get together for a variety of activities, from going out to the movies, to holding parties at people’s homes, to simply attending Glen Eden Sun Club events as a group.

Sun Singles was established over twenty years ago, and now its members are looking to enliven Glen Eden Sun Club with the youthful energy of new, younger, single members by establishing “The Young Suns” singles group. So bring your friends, and your fresh ideas for new activities to do together this summer at Glen Eden Sun Club to the next meeting!

They hold regular meetings at The Gathering Place, across from site #80, on the first Saturday of the month at 11 am, followed by a potluck. Singles of all types are welcome, whether members of Glen Eden Sun Club or visiting as guests.