Western Nudist Research Library

Glen Eden is proud to host the Western Nudist Research Library.

WNRL – Open House

Invitation video here: https://vimeo.com/717699319

Sept 4th – 10am to 2pm – over Labor Day weekend

We invite you to stop by and say hi. If it will be your first visit, we will give you a quick tour. If you have visited before, we will familiarize you with all the exciting changes we’ve made over the past few months and give you a preview of what your library will become in the future. For all visitors, there will be snacks, refreshments, and a free gift!


nudist library glen eden western nudist research library
What changes have we made?
  • The Bookshelves. If it’s been a while since you’ve visited, the first thing you’ll notice are the new bookshelves. Thanks to a $16,000 grant from the Naturist Education Foundation, we’ve been able to increase our shelf capacity by over 60%.
  • New Acquisitions. We’ve received several major donations over the past six months including additions to our early German collection and most significantly, the Archive for the Institute of Naturist Studies (AINS) which was the personal collection of Dr. Cec Cinder, who is in the AANR Hall of Fame. We’ve spent a lot of time studying the contents of that collection, and we’ll share the highlights of what we’ve discovered.
  • Hands-on Experience. Because every visitor should have the opportunity to hold pieces of nudist history in their hands, we’ve developed a browsing area that contains examples of books, magazines, and newsletters that you are encouraged to examine.
  • Access to Digital Archives. Much of our collection that is not available for browsing has been digitized; and we have made it easier for you to access those digital archives on a computer terminal dedicated for that purpose. It will even will allow you to access the much larger digital archives of the American Nudist Research Library at Cypress Cove, FL.
  • New Categories of Nudist Material. We have begun to inventory other significant aspects of our collection beyond books and magazines such as club newsletters and court documents.
  • Much of Glen Eden’s history has been written in its newsletter Sidelights; and the same is true of other resorts. For example, former members of Swallows and Elysium (two Southern California resorts that no longer exist) can view the newsletters from their resorts. Regarding court documents, the fight for the freedom to be nude has been bravely fought in the courts over the past 80 years with many exciting wins, but also frustrating losses.
  • Website – improvements to our Membership page. The process of becoming a member or renewing your membership is now much more clearly explained on our membership page (https://wnrl.org/join/). It also now gives you four ways to pay for your membership and also describes two levels of membership you can choose from depending on the benefits you want.
Preview for the Future.

We can’t reveal all of what we hope the future of WNRL will look like right now but here’s a hint – part of it will be educational and part of it will involve more hands-on opportunities with a focus on images rather than text.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Become a member! Simply go to: wnrl.org/join/ and follow the simple two-step process. You can choose to become a general member for $25/year; or if you want to support us at a greater level (with more benefits), you can become a Diamond member for $100/year. Either way, your tax-deductible donation will get you a copy of our quarterly newsletter. And, since we are in a consortium with three other Nudist Research Libraries, becoming a member of WNRL gets you digital access to the holdings of the other libraries.
  • Volunteer your time: Regardless of your skillset, there are many projects you could help with.  Contact Mark at drmark@wnrl.org or 909-206-2758
  • Easy charitable donation. If you buy stuff on Amazon, name WNRL as your charity of choice at smile.amazon.com so that they will donate a portion of your Amazon purchase to WNRL.
  • Donate materials. If you have nudist-related books, magazines, newsletters, or memorabilia that are worth preserving, let’s talk.